Water Management Specials, Inc. - Turfgrass drainage pays!

Services Provided by WMS:

  • Engineer a complete Drainage System
  • Quality installation of the approved system
  • Renovations:
    • Bunkers, Tees, Greens, Fairways
  • Slit Drainage

Benefits of adding or improving a
drainage system:

Less Flooding
Shorter Rain Closings
Healthier Grass

Increase Cart Revenue
Lower Maintenance Costs
Better Course Appearance

Here is a small listing of golf courses where WMS has done work:

Added Revenue from a Quality Drainage System:

  • 1 or 2 wet spots, a water logged green or a fairway which stays wet after heavy rains. An extra day or two of green fees, plus cart rental can more than pay for the cost of a drainage project.
  • Major reconstruction of greens or fairways may be avoided with a few well-placed drains.  Recovery of areas where drains have been installed is sped up by improved soil conditions.
  • Well drained golf courses can open earlier in the spring. Subsurface drainage takes away excess soil moisture and this promotes early grass growth.
  • In the spring, much of the sun’s warmth is used to evaporate excess water from undrained soil and this causes cooling. A well drained soil is warmer in the spring so the grass will be greener!
  • Drainage will also help tree growth.  Healthy trees provide great scenery and color to a course.

A Clean Operation…

Warwick Hills – Practice Fairway

With our specialized laser controlled 1012 Mastenbroek, WMS is able to provide narrow trenching and the use of the flotation truck greatly minimizes construction damage to your course.

Warwick Hills – Bunker #17

Expansion and Renovation

One expansion we have done is bunker 17 at Warwick Hills in Grand Blanc. We expanded the bunker down toward the retaining wall in order to enhance the hole.  This is the featured bunker at the 17 green as seen during the Buick Open. Another expansion involves tee areas as seen below. At the request of the PGA, Warwick Hills was asked to extend the tee in order to lengthen the hole. At #10 we extended this tee while keeping the beauty and the natural look of the existing tee.

David Mancour, of Mancour brothers, specialized in golf design and contracting, is impressed with WMS’s capabilities. Mancour shared early project details with WMS so that course concepts, irrigation schematics and drainage work are incorporated into a complementary design.

Warwick Hills – Tee #10

At Warwick Hills Country Club, course superintendent Phil Owen praises the reliability of WMS. “If something can get done, they will do it,” he says.

Both Mancour and Owen agree that WMS pays special attention to detail, does a pre-work study and evaluation of each phase of the work, as well as working within both technical and cost parameters.

Newly Added in 2008…

Our improved Sand Slinger is lighter when compared to other sand slingers in this field.  With less weight, it greatly reduces damage to your course. This unit is also smaller and better able to maneuver in tighter areas.

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